These are the best boiled peanuts I have eaten & I’ve eaten a lot of em’.
— Pierce, South Carolina

Those were the best Boiled Peanuts I ever eaten.
— Mary Jones, Bluffton

Dang, these things are delicious!
— Lauren, Louisana

These are some of the best nuts I’ve had. Ever!
— Andrew, Georgia

These damn things are off the chain bro!
— Ron, Georgia

Your boiled peanuts serve as a healthy alternative for my afternoon snack. They’re packed with protein and are delicious.
— Ryan, South Carolina

We took some bags camping with us last weekend and literally survived for 2 straight days on them. They’re delicious, filling and easy to carry in a backpack.
— George, South Carolina

After I ate three of them I realized these are the best boiled peanuts I’ve had. These are better than the ones in Mexico, even.
— Abel, North Carolina